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I'm a scuba diver, cyclist, explorer, technophile, and business enthusiast.I've been a small business owner, consultant, and Marine Corps officer.I now run a software education company.I'm an optimist and introvert.Washington (state) native.I now live in Mexico.

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YOUTUBE: I make software review videos.PODCAST: I’ve been podcasting since 2019.BLOG: My public journal.


CDMX TRAVEL GUIDE: I curated a travel guide for my favorite city on Earth, Mexico City.CONSULTING: Book a 30-minute consulting session with me.DESCRIPT MASTERY: I teach Descript.

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Ross Zeiger

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[This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.]

Updated: December 19, 2023
📍: Mexico City


I still have a few business buying clients but once they've successfully bought their businesses and my work with them is done, my focus will be dedicated to my newest business, Descript Mastery.


I work one-on-one with a few students per day and I also have a course. I'm really, really enjoying it and it's a blast to see my students get going with their podcasts and Youtube channels.


I'm learning Spanish. Every day I get as much Spanish input as I can and take every opportunity to practice conversation.


The With Ross podcast is approaching it's 4th year at the end of this month. In that time, I've done almost 150 episodes and it remains one of my favorite hobbies. Click here for more about the pod.